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    Products Catalog
        Nanjing Zhongxu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in import and export of chemical raw materials. After years of continuous efforts, we have established a long-term, stable, good relationship of cooperation with a number of foreign suppliers and domestic enterprises. Companies from the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Sweden, Italy and other countries supply us high quality chemical products. Our business covers pharmaceutical products, resins, polyurethane, pesticides, polymer materials, household chemicals, paint and other fields. Since its foundation, we always keep “Quality-Persuiting, Customer First” philosophy on our mind, when doing business with suppliers and customers, from home and abroad. We regard business reputation and ethics as our life. So we gained trust and praise from many partners in the circle of chemical industry.  

        Our team consists of highly educated talents with many years of experience in the chemical sales and logistics. They will provide you excellent quality service. Warehouses located in Shanghai, Nanjing ensure you efficient and timely delivery.
        Nanjing Zhongxu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. strictly complies with international trade principles and practices, contracts and keeps its promises. We hope to grow with friends from all walks of life and we are dedicated to provide our existing and new clients with better quality products and services. 
        Our Logic :
    To survive with credit, To sustain with mutual benefits, To develop with innovation
    Dipropylene Glycol
    Propylene Glycol
    Ethylene Glycol
    Diethylene Glycol
    Stearic Acid 
    Contact us
    International Department:
    No 65 Jianning Road Nanjing CHINA MR.ZHANG
    Copyright:Nanjing Zhongxu Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd 蘇ICP備12028812號-1
    TEL:025-85438448 FAX:025-85439448